Daily readers of (estimates are in the mid-hundred-thousands, probably) will have been severely disappointed over the Autumn months! Aside from the occasional show at venues like Cherry Cola’s – for which we’ve been very grateful – things have been a little quiet.

The good news is that we haven’t been idle! In fact, we’ve been self-producing a brand new, full-band original EP called A GOOD DAY TO TRY HARD. We’re looking to release it in mid-January, and we’ll be celebrating it on the 22nd in Toronto at a TBC show we’re very excited about.

What is A GOOD DAY TO TRY HARD?, you scream, anxious to know more?

I’m glad you asked! It’s a shoestring budget,  self-produced, fully DIY 4-song EP. Some of these songs have been around for as long as we have – in fact, the title track was the very first song we ever played on stage and the second song we ever wrote together. As we gear up to perhaps write and start recording a full-length in 2016, January seemed like the best time to get some of these live favourites on tape and send them out into the world. We’re hoping to have some cool DIY physical copies available, as well as our usual amazing artwork by Kai.

A lot of these songs are kinda left-field for us both sound- and lyric-wise. For 4 songs, it covers a LOT of ground. The wall of sound is real, and you’ll be able to hear guitars stacked upon Sega Genesis synthesizers stacked upon layers of keytar pads, solos and tons of group vocals. Recorded mostly in our rehearsal space and my apartment, the rough edges are always going to be there, but hopefully the rawness will add to the fun.

When we release on or around January 15th, I’ll do a write-up, because there’s a lot to say about these tracks. Final mixes are happening right now and we’re excited to make 2016 A GOOD YEAR TO TRY HARD.

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