16-Bit Sessions #14: BALCONIES – Rhonda

It’s been a while, right? Hi!!

Since we last updated, we’ve released a single – Slow Motion Gunfights – that I am legitimately proud of. If you have a minute, I really do think it’s worth your time. HOWEVER, I’m typing right now for a different reason – the return, glorious or otherwise, of 16-Bit Sessions covers.

Rhonda is the name of Balconies’ second full-length, and it’s – for me, at least, as somebody with his own ears and brain – one of the best albums of the year. The title track in particular is one that I listened to once and have had rattling in my head ever since.

This 16-bit cover was an exercise to re-learn how to remake great songs as dope Sega Genesis based tunes. Practice makes perfect and hearing a song like this through my own lens makes it much easier to motivate myself for our next Villainest project. It’s good to know that I can still make these things! This one really started coming together when I put in the oscillating guitar slide and the right snare sample and I think as a whole it sounds cool!

Balconies are headed on tour this month! I’m planning to catch their Lee’s Palace show, so if you want to dance with me then you have never had a better chance! Their tour dates are below, as well as the original tune. I strongly recommend listening to it! You’ll have a good time.

The original, with download/purchase link
Balconies On Tour
Balconies On Spofity

Villainest also has a few things to look out for!

Our next show at Cherry Cola’s on November 12th
Our music on Spotify

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